Performance Without Boundaries

Performance Without Boundaries | Red Hat Enterprise Linux

For select workloads, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® can extend your performance. These workloads include web infrastructure (web server, DNS, cache and proxy servers), database, and also IT infrastructure (application server, directory server, file and print). Experience price/performance advantages in select scenarios.

Performance Without Boundaries

  • Improve performance of key workloads.
  • Improve price/performance of key workloads including database, web infrastructure, and application infrastructure.
  • Reduce hardware and staffing costs with a standard operating environment.

Whitepaper: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Beats Windows Server TCO

A study of 21 companies commissioned by Red Hat, found that infrastructure platforms based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux experienced 34% lower TCO per user compared to platforms running Windows server. Included were server infrastructure costs, staffing efficiencies, and lost productivity. Read more in the study or use the TCO calculator yourself.
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Build Security into your datacenter with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Traditional security measures such as network firewalls are no longer enough to keep an enterprise secure. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux, security mechanisms are incorporated and applied at the core of every solution, and security is extended to include all the open source packages that make up Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As a result, customers experience a higher quality of service.

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Windows-Red Hat Enterprise Linux TCO Calculator

Get the facts! Our research-based Windows-Red Hat Enterprise Linux TCO calculator provides interactive, reality-based comparison points to help you document potential total cost of ownership (TCO) and business value advantages of moving to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
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Linux in the mainstream

IDC profiles a range of customers successfully employing Red Hat Enterprise Linux for a full spectrum of workload types, including high-end applications previously hosted on non-x86 servers.

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  • Database

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a capable foundation for all kinds of database deployments. That’s what makes it so popular. Test results prove that Red Hat Enterprise Linux can deliver performance. Customers shows Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers value.

    Solution Brief: Boosting Database Performance

    Red Hat evaluated database performance acceleration for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, which already has numerous record-breaking industry-standard benchmarks on database workloads. Testing results with Fusion-io flash memory products and directCache software showed many further performance benefits.
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    Linux has already established a solid position in the industry and can be expected to expand its footprint within all workload types, according to IDC. Furthermore, the analyst firm says customers that are using Linux today should be looking at the potential for new deployment scenarios.

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    IT teams that need high-performing, secure database deployments are turning to Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a foundation for these deployments. Thorough testing and impressive results on industry-standard benchmarks make Red Hat Enterprise Linux a great candidate for operations ranging from high-performance computing to cloud infrastructure.

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  • Infrastructures Web

    Raw performance and scalability are just a few of the reasons to consider Red Hat Enterprise Linux for web infrastructure applications.

    Tire Retailer Makes Tracks To Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    The number 1 independent tire retailer tried, unsuccessfully, to build an online platform based on Windows. Ultimately, the company succeeded instead with a solution built with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Network Satellite, Apache Web Server, and IBM Lotus Domino Server.

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    There’s a reason Red Hat Enterprise Linux is consistently chosen as the operating platform for industry-standard performance benchmarks. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is designed to deliver scale-out and scale-up performance for small and large servers, offering documented scalability up to 4,096 CPUs and 64 Terabytes of RAM.
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    Forrester Underscores Benefits Of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Forrester Research makes a case for migrating from proprietary operating system environments to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In-depth interviews with an existing customer and subsequent financial analysis highlight the positive risk-adjusted return on investment (ROI), costs, and benefits of making the switch.

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    Web Infrastructure Should Move you Forward, not Hold You Back

    Don’t let your web infrastructure limit the growth of your online business. Consider Red Hat Enterprise Linux – the ideal platform for transaction-intensive environments. Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers reliability, scalability, and predictable total cost of ownership – as well as a continuous stream of technical improvements – to keep you at the leading edge.

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    Red Hat Enterprise Linux is consistently chosen as the operating system platform for industry-standard benchmarks that measure high performance. What’s more, Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a wide range of hardware platform choices. And that’s just the beginning.

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    Open Source (lamp) Stack Outshines Microsoft Solution

    In tests conducted by Principled Technologies, an open source deployment based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 scored significant performance benefits—up to 3.3 times greater performance in web applications—than a Windows-based stack.

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