A Platform Without Boundaries

A Platform Without Boundaries | Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Businesses that depend on innovation have one thing in common: They have built their technology foundations to be open, not closed. Because they know the best ideas are built by many, not few. These businesses run on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. It’s time to experience what IT can do with no proprietary limits, vendor-imposed constraints, or boundaries to innovation. It’s time for IT to create the future instead of waiting for it.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Asks, What If?

Leading edge companies have discovered that Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a path to scalability and performance. Even the open hybrid cloud is within reach when you choose the right platform!

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How Dreamworks Animation Improved Its Production Process Using Red Hat

A recent Gartner research note discusses the strides DreamWorks Animation has made during its 13 years using open source technology. Red Hat has found that with cloud, virtualization, middleware, and operating system products and services, DreamWorks Animation has streamlined processes, improved techniques, and significantly reduced costs.
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IDC: Consider Linux for Datacenter Modernization

Linux has proven to be a key element for successful datacenter modernization. Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers cross-architecture standardization to a single operating system (OS) and provides a target platform for migrating mission critical workloads. For more information on Red Hat Enterprise Linux datacenter modernization watch the webinar or download the whitepaper here.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Challenge the Status Quo

Businesses are tapping into the innovative potential of their companies with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Standardize your enterprise platform across multiple hardware architectures, hypervisors and cloud providers to help IT meet the needs of your business.
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